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Posted by ZANCHERS - December 10th, 2019

I've been in and out of flash ill need to post stuff.

This has been taking up pretty much most of my time dedicating it to just music, a few people have been noticing my stuff, Setting Up Tapes and now Kick A Dope Verse.

So if you're interested here are some links:

Release with Setting Up Tapes


Dubangers - Lost Archives - Demo Tapes - Setting Up Tapes (Bandcamp) (Verious Artists)

Link to my Soundcloud: 'Follow Keef Tha Leef'

Been busy but I upload tracks, demos, experiments.

Here's to being more active




Posted by ZANCHERS - June 1st, 2019



Posted by ZANCHERS - May 24th, 2019

I've been on flash here and there but the main thing I've been doing is my music if you wanna check it out there link is here.

Zanchers Bandcamp 'Keef Tha Leef'



Posted by ZANCHERS - January 7th, 2019

Got my new pc finally so I can actually use it, have personal projects that im doing. That christmas short didnt come out because I was working allot over the holidays still am but it aint that busy, ain't just coming home and passing out so I'm gonna work on some shit. Messaged Omega about Test Collab 4 cause why no.

Posted by ZANCHERS - November 4th, 2018


veryshort thing and the other thing

Posted by ZANCHERS - September 25th, 2018

Yo gonna edit this post later on today with some tests and stuff also want to say that ICCOTD 2 still actually looking good been able to focus more on my actual projects but icctod is the priority as it should be. Ill update with a screenshot soon.

[Update] Here is a test


And here is something I have started on the side one of the things I wanted to focus on and now I have the time to work on it whenever im not working on iccotd2 but that should be never heh..



Posted by ZANCHERS - September 19th, 2018

finishing off as much as i can for md2018 probably not gonna be much but more than the usual since that was 0.



cant wait to see all the submissions


Posted by ZANCHERS - July 28th, 2018

So Im here ive been working on this dont ya worry it will be out on md2018 or like a few days after dont want to make it specifially that so I dont start stressing about it heh.

appart from iccotd2 here a test i did like weeks ago https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/846bb2f0f28407275092b563a45716e8

I'll try and keep these posts more regular after iccotd im gonna focus on some other things i had in mind to animate. But more on that on the next post.


Edit [31/07/18 - 11:37am] - Quick update been trying to work on iccotd2 even more knowing how much time I have on my hands at the moment, but as I said above it might be out on md2018 and with the amount of collabs I have undertaken for some stupid reason theres allot of flash work just for that one day alone, iccotd2, cellification, nuclear raid collab, ninja collab, whitehank2, madness randoms 3 is everything that I have in progress and everything that im trying to manage daily so i can get out as much as i can for md2018 so expect my apperences in those collabs to come up first before iccotd2 and no this does not mean its going on hold or anything like previous animators were going through it WILL be out after MD2018. I would leave some collabs but since I've joined them I dont think its fair to just leave them. Thanks for the understanding.

Just to put anyone to ease about this whole movie the currant progress is a good few scenes in I've even put time to making different sides for Dela's original skeleton character since we only got the two left right and back sides of the body. Been making hands for him aswell found old photo references of the project to work from too and it does look fucking good crazy seeing the sprites come together since we got the preview sheet in 2010.

I'm trying my hardest to make it a good fucking movie. Expect it this year, thats all.



Posted by ZANCHERS - June 13th, 2018

Still here still working on stuff ill update the post tomorrow when i wake up, but I am still working on ICCOTD 2 I have heard that P3M isint animating much but its still got progress.

been working on stuff on the side ill hopefully have something for that day when people upload those things with iccotd 2 but if not that then hopefully just the movie. Quite allot of time still to be honest.

hurray for a spontaneous before sleep as I said ill update this post when I get on the pc again.


(if only the sabbath shirt was real)

Posted by ZANCHERS - May 29th, 2018

Edit[2/6/18]: making my archive of sheets again they are so indepth and a shame to keep just on my hdd but i think allota cats wont like them to be uploaded heh... dilemma that ive had for years.

Soooooo I've been keeping active since the last post been animating some tests n shit for some practice ill be uploading those soon.

Still working on ICCOTD2 dont worry its going quite well.

Slacking on collab parts but just gonna have to get em' done.

And whenever I have time and I'm not doing either of those too I'm adding to these weird test scene things.

Zanchers Test Area #001 << Check it out.

(It is unfinished since im constantly updating it so expect flying hands and feet. Ill be updating it soon!)

Ya thats my most recent thing that I want to show as of now gonna keep updating it with more and more shit popping up so staaaaaaay tuned for ICCOTD2, Collabs and loads more scenes/tests... (weekends usually cause work)

Peace peeps.